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EryDel’s proprietary platform technology is an easy to use, fast and automatic bedside procedure, to encapsulate small and large molecules including therapeutic enzymes in patients’ red blood cells. The cells are immediately re-infused into patients providing prolonged half-life in circulation, reduced immunogenicity, better tolerability and predictable vascular distribution.

EryDel’s technology consists of a specialized system (Red Cell Loader), a sterile single use kit (the EryKit) and process solutions

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Red Cell Loader (RCL)

The RCL is a proprietary CE marked non-invasive device that allows blood processing at the point of care. It automates the EryDex System (EDS) process by handling the blood, drug and processing solutions with the use of EryKit. The system has a friendly touch screen user-interface. It is made up of 3 microprocessor circuit boards, 2 main boards and an independent protective board as control.
The RCL has proven effective for the encapsulation of small molecules, proteins and diagnostics.

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Single Use kits

EryKit is a CE marked medical device. It provides the essential single-use components for loading human red blood cells (RBCs) with small molecules, proteins and diagnostics by using the RCL. The EryKit contains a sterile, single use, pyrogen-free disposable blood tubing system equipped with a centrifuge, hemoconcentrator filter, bags, organizer cassette and other accessories.

Process Solutions
The three process solutions, referred to as Hypotonic Solution 1, Hypotonic Solution 2, and PIGPA Hypertonic Resealing Solution are packaged separately and each intended to be used only ex-vivo in conjunction with performing the EDS process.