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Developing and commercializing specialized therapies for the treatment of rare diseases by using the patient’s own blood

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Quince Therapeutics to Acquire EryDel SpA

Quince is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement to acquire EryDel SpA, a privately-held, late-stage biotech company with an innovative autologous intracellular drug encapsulation (AIDE) technology and a Phase 3 lead asset, EryDex.

EryDex targets a rare fatal pediatric neurological disease, Ataxia-Telangiectasia, which currently has no approved treatments and represents an estimated $1+ billion peak sales opportunity.

Learn more about the EryDel acquisition:

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Our Technology

EryDel’s proprietary platform technology is an easy to use, fast and automatic bedside procedure, to encapsulate small and large molecules including therapeutic enzymes in patients’ red blood cells. The cells are immediately re-infused into patients providing prolonged half-life in circulation, reduced immunogenicity, better tolerability and predictable vascular distribution.


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Luca Benatti
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Giovanni Mambrini
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Thomas Sabia
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Guenter R. Janhofer
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